Roof Repairs

Repair vs. Replacement

Some people decide to have a roof patched or repaired instead of a roof replacement, and this can be an affordable option. Keep in mind though that if the roof has extensive damage, you may just be covering up a problem that will resurface shortly. If money is the issue, be sure to call up your homeowner’s insurance company, as it should be covered on your policy. Some Houston roofing contractors offer a Free Annual Inspection Program. This option allows homeowners and business owners alike to keep their roof correctly maintained and get the maximum service life from their roof.

A Damaged or Leaking Roof Leads to Serious Problems

The average roof needs to be replaced every seven to ten years. While some roofs can go longer in between repairs or replacements, a roof made with low-quality roofing materials or shoddy workmanship may need to be repaired or replaced sooner. You may have known for ten years that you have roof problems, or you may have recently purchased a house and inherited the roof problems. Either way, letting your roof leak can ruin your attic, your ceilings, and cause significant structural damage, and additionally allow mold to grow and eventually infect your entire home.

The Cheapest Bid May Not Be the Best

Roof repairs can be expensive. A new residential roof can cost anywhere from fifteen thousand dollars to upwards of thirty thousand dollars. The costs involved depending on the value of the roofing materials, the size of your home, and labor factors. It is vital that you get estimates from several companies before you sign on the dotted line and hire someone. Be sure to compare not only the cost per square yard but also the materials they are using. If two companies give you the same quote, the material they use could make all the difference. When it comes to asphalt shingles, some may have a one year warranty and be paper-thin, while others may have a ten-year warranty and be much thicker. The thicker your shingle, the better. Also take note of who is offering to throw in extras, such as free gutters, or if they include the costs of new air vents at the top of the home.

Metal Roofing Will Have A Longer Life

A metal roofing may cost you more than cheap shingles upfront but last a lot longer. If you take care of your steel metal roof, it could last you a lifetime. Most important, you need to hire an experienced professional and use high-quality materials. Make sure they pull off the old shingles before they install the steel, or you could be in for more problems.