Backndayz ….The Days Before Rock and Roll

Back in the days before rock and roll things were quite different from today.  In the late 40’s and in the 50′ the United States was recovering from WWll. Most of the young men had served in some branch of the service and most had seen combat. They returned home in the mid 40’s to a grateful nation. Many women had worked in factories manufacturing the weapons of war. They were happy to have their husbands and soon to be husbands back home. Many of the returning Vets were able to extend their education with the GI Bill. VA loans were available for those who were ready to buy a house.

This was the Golden Age of America. …….For some.  While white veterans were afforded many benefits and helped to prosper black veterans came home to country that still saw them as second class citizens. Men how fought bravely to defend this country were not allowed to benefit from the freedoms they had fought and many had given their lives to defend. Opportunities for educational advancement were few. On the job promotions went almost entirely to whites. In those days what we had was two Americas, one for White America and another for the Black America./p

In the Mid 50’s something different started to happen. White teenagers started listening to Rand B music. Record sales began to skyrocket and most of the music was performed by black musicians. Adults were shocked seeing their children listening and dancing to the sound of Black Music. bb_king_miamitimes_1963_0 There was Little Richard, Howling Wolf, Muddy Waters, The Penguins, the Moonglows, B B King, Little Willie John, Sam Cook, Chuck Berry and so many more. There were protest by preachers and politicians but the cat was out of the bag. White youngsters attended concerts put on by black musicians, they listened to the Black radio stations and R and B was moving into the top 40. This was the beginning of a different kind of relationship between whites and blacks. It set the wheels in motion that changed the way many saw one another. It was only the beginning but once began it has never stopped moving forward. Still have a long way to go. When the color of a man’s skin means no more that the color of his eyes the journey will be finished.