It’s Not The Fire

The Leader Is

While almost all of us are concerned about damage to our home caused by a fire, the truth is, our homes are 10 times as likely to be damaged by water than by fire. Our plumbing failures are the leading cause of water damage. While we all probably relate plumbing failure to frozen pipes, more than 60% of damage is caused by a plumbing supply system material failure.

This Appliance Failure Is a Top Cause of Water Damage

Our washing machine is one of the top 10 causes of water damage in the home. The water supply washing-machine-overflowhose failures, machine overflows, and drain problems are the most common causes of hose failure being the primary cause. These type of incidents can be a disaster if no one is home to stop the flow of water.

This Appliance Failure Sneaks Up On US

Hot Water Heaters are another appliance that can develop leaking plumbing and cause water damage. Pipes can corrode and become weak over time and begin to leak. Ice makers can also be a source of leaks that result in damage. Most of the time a hot water leak is small and slow and by the time it’s noticed its set water seeping into the walls which mean there’s likely been time for mold to begin growth.

This Is The Worst Of All

The toilet failure is the second most common cause of water damage. Toilet backups and overflows will be the result of faulty fill valves and/or clogged drains. Toilet backup can be a nasty experience. Having sewage running all over the floor in your house is no fun for anyone. Hopefully, this never happens to you, but if it does you’ll need professional help to get a proper and complete sewage cleanup and things back to normal.

Note: These types of water damage incidents are usually covered by homeowners insurance. So the smart thing to do is have the restoration done by professionals.