Do They Know Who We Are

Are Companies Really Paying Attention to Us?

I can’t vouch for a lot of the business community, I know that there are some very active companies on various social media platforms. With regards to Twitter, a few that come to mind are Zappos, Wholefoods, and a ton of employees from Dell, but another company popped up on the radar not too long ago, and I was surprised.

Here’s A Surprise

Popeye’s Chicken is probably the last company that you think of when it comes to forward thinking and tapping into social media to reach their customer base. Well it’s true, they exist, and I’m happy to see that they are taking an active role.

Today Is Different

Popeye’s Chicken fully engages with the Twitter community, and thanks to them for the word of mouth advertising that is shared on the network. Citing the stats above, it’s encouraging to see they are actually following people and keeping the conversation going. This level of transparency for a company like Popeye’s probably gives them a great benefit since it allows them to be tapped into the pulse of their customer base. It works the same for small businesses like the local Houston home builder or the company that does commercial roof repair Houston.

Almost Every Business Is Online

You’ll now find all sorts of businesses active on social media. Almost every business today has a way for you to interact and comment on their service and products. Whether, it’s a restaurant, the plumber, a water damage restoration company, or the company that did your roof repair, you now have the ability to interact with the company and also with its other customers.

Let’s Engage

Now a here’s question for the community. Are you taking full advantage of the companies that are on the social networks? They have real people on the other end that are looking to hear what you have to say. With the popularity of social media, it’s revolutionary idea how these brave businesses are deciding to interact with their customers in such an open forum. Look up some of your favorite brands, see if they have a presence online and if they do, FOLLOW them!