Fire Damage

All Fire Damage Is Not Easily Detected

Fire can severely damage your home or business. While most of the destructive effects of fire damage on a house may be obvious, a fire also leaves behind many hidden repair problems. You will need professionals who have experience in providing dedicated and immediate emergency response for businesses and homes that have been affected by a fire disaster. We have certified and trained Disaster Restoration teams at our three locations in the Austin area so we can quickly respond to emergency calls. They are proficient in smoke restoration and can adeptly handle any amount of harm that your house might have endured.

Our Services:

  • Water Damage Restorationand Fire Damage Clean up
  • Clean up fire damage
  • Structural Renovation and Restoration
  • Independent Loss Assessor
  • 24 Hours Emergency Service for fire damage restoration service and a full fire damage repairs
  • Emergency smoke removal, clean-up, and boarding up
  • Packing out (inventory of items that we need to restore) and stored in our 6000 square foot unit
  • Cleaning and deodorizing of ceilings, flooring, and walls
  • Cleaning and deodorizing of content
  • Full fire damage repairs
  • Fire damage restoration service

Why We Are Different

Understanding the science behind fire affected property is what makes Atex Water Damage Restoration different from a building contractor. A complex chemical reaction is created by the flame that can release powerful toxic gases from everyday household items, such as curtains, mattresses, and toys. If your house has been devastated by fire, then the soot on the interior of your home most likely contains these toxins. Just like different cleaning techniques have to be employed to clean different materials. Similarly, efforts to efficiently remove soot left behind after a fire can only be accomplished effectively through specific procedures. Our fire-damage repair and restoration technicians can do their job correctly and quickly because they have many years of experience in restoring fire-damaged homes.

All Smoke Is Not The Same

After arriving at a fire scene, technicians will determine the type of smoke contamination that has occurred. For example, chip pan fire requires a different cleaning process than a cigarette that has caused fire damage to a cotton suit. Depending on the information that our technicians identify during the pretesting, the water damage and smoke cleaning procedures to be adopted are decided accordingly.

Inspection and Pretesting

Our technicians will determine the extent of repair and the scope of fire clean up, restoration, and repairs needed by inspecting the property during the pretesting.  Our technicians will also have to determine the materials that can be restored and the ones that will have to be replaced. We will also decide how to start the cleanup of the fire damage Under most circumstances; we will be able to clean the contents of your house, such as clothing, furniture, and other items and restore them back to their original condition using our cleaning methods and specialized equipment. If we cannot, we will ensure that the Insurance Company arranges a cash settlement with you.

We Can Deal With Insurance Adjusters

We realize this is an extremely stressful experience for you, but you do not need to worry yourself about the insurance claims process. We have our loss assessors acting on your behalf, and we will work with your insurance company to speed up the claim settlement process.