Fire Damage

All Fire Damage Is Not Easily Detected

Fire can severely damage your home or business. While most of the destructive effects of fire damage on a house may be obvious, a fire also leaves behind many hidden repair problems. You will need professionals who have experience in providing dedicated and immediate emergency response for businesses and homes that have been affected by a fire disaster. We have certified and trained Disaster Restoration teams at our three locations in the Austin area so we can quickly respond to emergency calls. They are proficient in smoke restoration and can adeptly handle any amount of harm that your house might have endured.

Our Services:

  • Water Damage Restoration and Fire Damage Clean up
  • Clean up fire damage
  • Structural Renovation and Restoration
  • Independent Loss Assessor
  • 24 Hours Emergency Service for fire damage restoration service and a full fire damage repairs
  • Emergency smoke removal, clean-up, and boarding up
  • Packing out (inventory of items that we need to restore) and stored in our 6000 square foot unit
  • Cleaning and deodorizing of ceilings, flooring, and walls
  • Cleaning and deodorizing of content
  • Full fire damage repairs
  • Fire damage restoration service

Why We Are Different

Understanding the science behind fire affected property is what makes Atex Water Damage Restoration different from a building contractor. A complex chemical reaction is created by the flame that can release powerful toxic gases from everyday household items, such as curtains, mattresses, and toys. If your house has been devastated by fire, then the soot on the interior of your home most likely contains these toxins. Just like different cleaning techniques have to be employed to clean different materials. Similarly, efforts to efficiently remove soot left behind after a fire can only be accomplished effectively through specific procedures. Our fire-damage repair and restoration technicians can do their job correctly and quickly because they have many years of experience in restoring fire-damaged homes.

All Smoke Is Not The Same

After arriving at a fire scene, technicians will determine the type of smoke contamination that has occurred. For example, chip pan fire requires a different cleaning process than a cigarette that has caused fire damage to a cotton suit. Depending on the information that our technicians identify during the pretesting, the water damage and smoke cleaning procedures to be adopted are decided accordingly.

Inspection and Pretesting

Our technicians will determine the extent of repair and the scope of fire clean up, restoration, and repairs needed by inspecting the property during the pretesting.  Our technicians will also have to determine the materials that can be restored and the ones that will have to be replaced. We will also decide how to start the cleanup of the fire damage Under most circumstances; we will be able to clean the contents of your house, such as clothing, furniture, and other items and restore them back to their original condition using our cleaning methods and specialized equipment. If we cannot, we will ensure that the Insurance Company arranges a cash settlement with you.

We Can Deal With Insurance Adjusters

We realize this is an extremely stressful experience for you, but you do not need to worry yourself about the insurance claims process. We have our loss assessors acting on your behalf, and we will work with your insurance company to speed up the claim settlement process.

Roofing the Houston Metroplex

Houston Metroplex’s Roofing Experts

Your roof is one of the most important investments you’ll ever make. A quality roof not only protects your home from the elements. It also vents humidity from the structure, reducing mold. Moreover, it has to handle ice and snow during the colder months, without creating run-off that can damage your home’s foundation. You wouldn’t trust such an important job to just anyone. That’s why people turn to the Houston, TX roofing experts.

Experienced professionals

We have years of experience doing roofing in the Houston Metroplex. We’re rapidly becoming the number one Houston Metal Roofing Contractor. Our friendly and professional technicians have the expertise it takes to tackle every roofing challenge they encounter. We handle everything from the simplest installations to the most complex repairs. No problem is too small for our courteous team to handle. No disaster is too big for our technicians to overcome. When they need quality professional service, your friends and neighbors turn to us, Texas Metal Roofing Contractors.

Houston’s Commercial or Residential Roofing Experts

We handle residential and commercial roofing jobs. Emergency roof repair of storm damage is no problem for our experienced technicians. We tackle it all for a price you can afford. We keep regular hours, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday. However, when an emergency happens, our 24-hour hotline is open 7 days a week to answer your call. We can dispatch our team of roofers to your location to handle the problem before it gets out of hand. Our rapid response means you’ll save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by addressing the problem right away. Our experienced crew of technicians will apply the best fix possible, instead of trying to cope with your emergency.

Free Roofing Inspection and Estimate

We will send an experienced team member to assess your home’s needs. We do this free of charge because you need information, not someone trying to run up your costs. We accept a variety of forms of payment, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, cash or check. Third-party financing is also available. Also, our experienced staff has years of experience to help you navigate the difficulties of filing an insurance claim. We’ll work with you to get the best estimate possible.

Fair and affordable

We offer great service at a fair price. No problem will ever be given the runaround on price, time, or labor involved. No job is ever left unfinished when we, your Houston Roofing Contractor, is on the job. We know your roof is a serious issue in your life, and we will always address your problems with the respect and professionalism you demand.

Roof Repairs

Repair vs. Replacement

Some people decide to have a roof patched or repaired instead of a roof replacement, and this can be an affordable option. Keep in mind though that if the roof has extensive damage, you may just be covering up a problem that will resurface shortly. If money is the issue, be sure to call up your homeowner’s insurance company, as it should be covered on your policy. Some Houston roofing contractors offer a Free Annual Inspection Program. This option allows homeowners and business owners alike to keep their roof correctly maintained and get the maximum service life from their roof.

A Damaged or Leaking Roof Leads to Serious Problems

The average roof needs to be replaced every seven to ten years. While some roofs can go longer in between repairs or replacements, a roof made with low-quality roofing materials or shoddy workmanship may need to be repaired or replaced sooner. You may have known for ten years that you have roof problems, or you may have recently purchased a house and inherited the roof problems. Either way, letting your roof leak can ruin your attic, your ceilings, and cause significant structural damage and additionally allow mold to grow and eventually infect your entire home.

The Cheapest Bid May Not Be the Best

Roof repairs can be expensive. A new residential roof can cost anywhere from fifteen thousand dollars to upwards of thirty thousand dollars. The costs involved depending on the value of the roofing materials, the size of your home, and labor factors. It is vital that you get estimates from several companies before you sign on the dotted line and hire someone. Be sure to compare not only the cost per square yard but also the materials they are using. If two companies give you the same quote, the material they use could make all the difference. When it comes to asphalt shingle, some may have a one year warranty and be paper thin, while others may have a ten-year warranty and be much thicker. The thicker your shingle, the better. Also take note of who is offering to throw in extras, such as free gutters or if they include the costs of new air vents at the top of the home.

A Metal Roof Will Have A Longer Life

A metal roof may cost you more than cheap shingles up front but last a lot longer. If you take care of your steel metal roof, it could last you a lifetime. Most important, you need to hire an experienced professional and use high-quality materials. Make sure they pull off the old shingles before they install the steel, or you could be in for more problems.

How To Clean Up A Wet Basement

With Time It Gets Worse

The tendency, among many homeowners, to postpone dealing with their wet basement issues is almost as widespread as the problem of wet basements itself. Even the mildest wet basement problems (mustiness or dampness) can cause more damage than you think and are bound to result in water damage to your belongings, your property or even your health. Water damage can even affect items stored on shelves in your damp basement because they will absorb the moisture in the air. For some of these items, water damage restoration may be a long and costly process. Don’t procrastinate. Roll up your sleeves and address your wet basement issues.

Wet Basement

Wet basement problems can range from a simple feeling of dampness to standing knee-deep in water. If you have flooding in your basement, you’ll want to start water clean up right away. Be sure to do so correctly by following these instructions:

1. If the water is spraying out of a broken pipe, turn off the water shut-off valve immediately.
2. Disconnect the main electrical switch, and only enter the basement when you know it is not an electrical hazard.
3. Contain water damage by getting as many possessions out of the basement as you can.
4. Try to get all the water out using a shop-vac. You can also install a sump pump in the basement floor to act as a floor drain and speed up water cleanup.
5. Use dehumidifiers to dry the air. Dry air will suck up the moisture from walls, carpets, furniture etc., reducing the amount of
water damage restoration that you will need to do later.
6. Drilling 1’’ holes at the base of the walls allow dehumidifiers to draw out the humidity trapped behind the walls.
7. Throughout the water cleanup process, remember to keep the windows closed so that the dehumidifiers can dry out the air completely.
8. Cement is porous and it will absorb water. To dry it out using a fan or a high-speed blower.
9. Try to complete water cleanup of your basement in under two or three days. You will have minimal water damage, and mold will not have had enough time to form.
10. If you do get mold, spray a fungicide directly on the affected area. Do not use chlorine bleach. While it will kill mold on most hard surfaces, it is too diluted to kill mold in the porous material.
11. Clean off dead surface mold using special cleaning products, and let surfaces dry completely. Wear rubber gloves, and if you have services of professional cleaners.

Once the initial water cleanup is done, determine the cause of the problem, assess the water damage, and decide what kind of water damage restoration you need. If condensation is behind your wet basement problem, consider one or more of the following solutions:

  • Installing exhaust fans to draw out the damp air
  • Insulating exposed pipes, duct works, and walls
  • For relatively minor problems, proper ventilation may be enough.
  • Make sure that air can circulate freely, especially at the walls.
  • These measures will all reduce the need for water damage restoration in the future.

Some leakage problems are simple to locate and fix (broken piping, washing machine overflow …), while others are more complicated to diagnose and to repair (guttering problems, underground dry wells, substrata high water tables …). Solutions include controlling surface water, sealing the outside walls of your, and installing drain and pump systems. Ignoring daunting wet basement problems will only lead to extensive water damage restoration needs (floors, walls, carpeting, fabric, documents etc.).

Signs of Water Damage

The Right And The Wrong Place For Water

The world we live in is primarily water. This is what makes the Earth unique. Water sustains life, if there were no liquid water, there would be no life on this planet. Water is almost everywhere, but there are places where you don’t want to see water, like on your walls, underneath your appliances or on your basement floor. When you do see water in these places, you most likely have some form of water damage and you must immediately remedy the problem or else it gets worse very quickly.  Before you can repair anything, it is important to determine where any leaks and damage is coming from. Water is deceitfully powerful and a tiny leak can slowly cause damage that will affect your entire house. Something must be done about it quickly. Find the leak and stop it.

It Can Start From Almost Anywhere

Water damage can start with a clogged drain, crack in the pipes, loose trap, rusty pipes, or a worn out home appliance. The good news is that a leaking water pipe or dripping trap leaves marks for you to see. Below are signs of water damage that you should be aware of.

Water Stains

Water Stained WallA first telltale sign is water stains. Water from a leak is certainly not clean because it contains residues – dirt, soil, rust, and so on. As it dries, the residues dry as well, leaving a brown nasty tarnish. If you see stains around your window frames or at the bottom of your door, it could mean water is coming from outside. If left unchecked, it will ruin your door and windows, leaving you no choice but to have them replaced completely. If you have pipes running in your attic water stains on the ceiling or just between the ceiling joints could indicate a leaky roof or damaged water line leak. The water could have spread or traveled, which means the leak or damage may not be directly above the stained areas. There might also be water stains under a cabinet or sink. This clearly points to a dripping drain or sink trap. It is almost always wet in these parts of the house and some people tend to allow them to stay that way. This is an unhygienic and unhealthy practice. Wet or damp areas inside your home promote the growth of molds and bacteria.

The Floor Can Give Warning

Another common sign is buckling of the floor. Wooden floors would not buckle unless there is water inside or underneath. This is easy to detect. However, if your floor has carpet or sub-floor covering, the water damage could go on undetected for months. This is why it is necessary to make routine checks, especially in the kitchen beneath the pipes or near the dishwasher, washing machine, and refrigerator.

The Walls

Also, check your walls. Water damage could soften or discolor them, and even cause them to swell. Worse is that the paint could peel, making your wall look very unsightly. It would help running your hand along the walls to see if a spot is damp or soggy. If you smell a musty odor and begin to sneeze more often, chances are there are molds in the house. Molds grow from damp areas, which can be caused by a leak or water damage.

It’s Not a Fire

water damage RepairWhile almost all of us are concerned about damage to the home caused by fire, the truth is, our homes are 10 times as likely to be damaged by water than by fire.  Our plumbing failures are the leading cause of water damage.  While we all probably relate plumbing failure to frozen pipes, more than 60% of damage is caused by a plumbing supply system material failure.

This Appliance Failure Is a Top Cause of Water Damage

Our washing machine is one of the top 10 causes of water damage in the home.  The water supply hose failures, machine overflows, and drain problems are the most common causes of hose failure being the primary cause.  These type of incidents can be a disaster if no one is home to stop the flow of water.

This Appliance Failure Sneaks Up On Us

Hot water heaters are another appliance that can develop leaking plumbing and cause water damage.  Pipes can corrode and become weak over time and begin to leak. Ice makers can also be a source of leaks that result in water damage.  Most of the time a hot water leak is small and slow and by the time it’s noticed its set water seeping into the walls which means there’s likely been time for mold to begin growth.

This Is The Worst Of All

Toilet failure is the second most common cause of water damage. Toilet backups and overflows will be the result of faulty fill valves and/or clogged drains. Toilet backup can be a nasty experience.  Having sewage running all over the floor in your house is no fun for anyone.  Hopefully, this never happens to you, but if it does you’ll need professional help to get things properly and completely cleaned up and back to normal.

Homeowners Insurance Coverage

These types of water damage incidents are usually covered by homeowners insurance. So the smart thing to do is have the water damage restoration done by professionals.  This should reduce the risk of needing mold remediation a little later on.